Kontio's Will KEEP YOU ON THE ROAD so you can do the things that matter most.

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Kontio's Will KEEP YOU ON THE ROAD so you can do the things that matter most.

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At Kontio’s Automotive Service & Sales, we provide professional, quality, affordable auto repair service and maintenance. Whether your vehicle needs routine vehicle maintenance, or check engine light diagnostics, our friendly, ASE-certified staff will provide an individualized assessment to get your vehicle up and running as good as new. We also pride ourselves in being an environmentally friendly facility. We burn all oil on premises, recycle antifreeze, recycle tires, crush all oil filters, and recycle metal.

Here are just a few of the services we offer at Kontio’s Auto Service & Sales:

Oil Changes

Routine oil changes are vital for the maximum upkeep of your vehicle. The oil helps to keep your vehicle from overheating, and also lubricates and cleans the engine. Kontio’s Auto Repair has a wide range of auto oil change products and services to best suite the individual needs of your vehicle, all at an affordable price. We offer synthetic and high mileage auto oil and filter change services, and our qualified staff is happy to answer any questions you may have.

State Inspections

Kontio’s Auto Service & Sales performs state auto inspections to the highest safety regulation standards. Our goal is to promote a safer driving experience by making sure your vehicle has been properly maintained, both before and after you purchase it.
When considering buying a used car, it’s a good idea to have it inspected by a professional to identify any problems. Some car maintenance issues are hard to detect with the naked eye, such as hidden problems in the engine, vehicle frame or body. It’s important to be aware of these problems to ensure safety, and to make sure the price of the vehicle isn’t unreasonable. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, let Kontio’s Auto Repair perform an inspection for you. Our qualified technicians will work with you to identify any hazards and make sure that the vehicle meets safety standards. After you purchase, continue to trust Kontio’s Auto Repair for all of your maintenance and repair needs. Our professionals are here to help!

Tire Pressure Monitor Systems (TPMS)

A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is an electronic system that monitors the air pressure of your vehicle tires. It can help identify when tires are underinflated to help reduce traffic accidents, and also helps to maintain rolling resistance to ensure maximum fuel efficiency.
At Kontio’s Auto Repair, our service technicians utilize TPMS to help customers get the most out of their vehicle and to ensure their safety on the road. TPMS can help identify tire problems early, so you’re not caught with an unexpected flat tire or involved in a traffic accident because of your tires. Contact us today to see how Kontio’s Auto Repair and TPMS can help you!


Kontio’s Automotive is your one-stop-shop for everything tire related. From four-wheel alignments to tire rotations and snow tires, we’ve got you covered. We use the latest technologies, including TPMS, to keep your tires performing at their best in all types of weather and road conditions.


When you engage the brake pedal to either stop or slow your vehicle, it triggers several different parts of a larger brake system. It is vital to the safety and performance of your vehicle that each of these parts is maintained using the proper expertise. At Kontio’s, our ASE-certified technicians can service all of your brake repair, replacement and maintenance needs, at a price that fits your budget. We’ll perform a brake inspection and explain your options. Call to schedule an appointment today!

Preventative Maintenance

Bringing your vehicle to Kontio’s Auto Service & Sale for regular maintenance can help to extend the life of your vehicle, and ensure that it’s safe to drive. Whether its taking a look under the hood at your vehicle battery, or simply replacing your windshield wipers, Kontio’s Auto Repair provides quality auto services at an affordable price.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

The check engine light in your vehicle may come on for a multitude of reasons. Some are fairly simple and can be fixed quite easily, while other may require more in-depth service. Kontio’s Auto Service & Sale can perform extensive check engine light diagnostics and provide professional, friendly repair service at a price you can afford. So if your check engine light comes on, don’t panic – contact Kontio’s Auto Service & Sale!

Other Auto Service and Maintenance:

Kontio’s Auto Service & Sale offers a wide range of auto maintenance and services. Contact us today to learn more!

Praise From Our Customers

At Kontio’s Automotive Service & Sales, we’re proud of the service we offer our customers and truly thankful for the high praise we get in return.