Is Your Air Conditioning System Working Properly?

Sooner than you think summer will be here and we will all want our air conditioning system to be working properly. Whether you own a Toyota, GM, Ford or any other make air conditioning keeps us cool in the summer. However, air conditioning does so much more. To keep your vehicles windows clear in the … Continued

Customer Experience – Shaking Honda Accord

Here is a recent call from a customer of ours her name has been changed to protect her identity. “My Honda Accord is shaking can I bring it in for an alignment.” The woman owns a 2005 Honda Accord with 32,500 miles on it. After speaking with her it was discovered that a pot hole … Continued

My Check Engine Light Is Flashing, What Does That Mean?

A flashing check engine light is a cry for help from your automobile.   A regular check engine light is a request for help. However, a flashing one is an urgent cry for help. Basically, a flashing check engine light means that your engine is running so poorly that the catalytic converter is at risk … Continued

Praise From Our Customers

At Kontio’s Automotive Service & Sales, we’re proud of the service we offer our customers and truly thankful for the high praise we get in return.