Customer Experience –
Shaking Honda Accord

Here is a recent call from a customer of ours. Her name has been changed to protect her identity. She said, “My Honda Accord is shaking. Can I bring it in for an alignment?”

The woman owns a 2005 Honda Accord with 32,500 miles on it. After speaking with her, it was discovered that a pothole was to blame for her car’s vibration. Mrs. X made an appointment for later that day.

We brought in her ’05 Honda Accord and discovered that it had a bent wheel. The wheel was replaced. Her TPMS sensor (Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor) was transferred to her new wheel.

We then cleaned out the dirt built up on the inside of her wheels. We rebalanced all four tires. Now, it was off to the alignment machine.

After setting her Honda up on the alignment machine, we could tell that the pothole had thrown her auto out of alignment. Her Honda’s alignment was reset to Honda factory specifications. All tire air pressures were adjusted.

The vehicle was road tested. Mrs. X was ecstatic to have her baby back and have it perform like new. Many times, people have a car that is shaking and request an alignment to cure the problem. However, an alignment will not cause a vehicle to shake. That is usually a tire or wheel imbalance.

Praise From Our Customers

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