Is Your Air Conditioning System Working Properly?

Sooner than you think summer will be here and we will all want our air conditioning system to be working properly. Whether you own a Toyota, GM, Ford or any other make air conditioning keeps us cool in the summer.

However, air conditioning does so much more. To keep your vehicles windows clear in the winter time it is very important to have a properly operating air conditioning system.

As the windows in our car fog up we turn on the defroster the air conditioner automatically comes on as well. Air conditioning removes moisture from the air and moisture is what makes our windows fog/frost up on the inside.

In the summer we see the water running out from underneath our cars on those hot and humid days when we are running the air conditioner. By removing that moisture and lowering the humidity we are instantly feeling more comfy, not to mention the cool air coming from the vents.

There are many parts to an air conditioning system some of the major ones are the compressor, evaprator,condensor receiver drier, blower and not to forget the drive belt. Most of the parts contribute to the compressing of gas to a liquid and then letting it go back to a gas ( hence the cooling effect ). This process is repeated on a continous loop keeping the inside of your Ford, GM, Toyota, or whatever make you drive, at just the right temperature.

It is a good idea to have your air conditioning system serviced at least once a year to keep it in top shape and prevent any major issues down the road. Whether it is June or January keeping your air conditioning system at top preformance will keep you safe and comfy in you Toyota, Ford, Gm, or any other make.

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